Olympos is one of the most important coastal cities of Ancient Lykia and has been the subject for mythology in the course of the history. Due to the availability of its location, it had been the common shelter of the pirates and now Olympos is known in all of the world with its historical values, beautiful coast of 3200 m2, endemic plants, Caretta Carettas, Chimera, and magnificent nature suitable for all sports and famous tree houses used for accommodation.

The certain date of foundation is not known but its name can be seen in Lykia Confederation coins published in 68-78 B.C. It is known that Olympos had three votes in Lykia Confederation which was an economical union.

In 78 B.C. the Roman General Servilius Isaurieus has cleaned Olympos from the pirates and added here to the lands of Rome. During Roman Era, the city became famous with the Blacksmith God Hephaistos in Çıralı where the natural fire is burning. During the Crusades, the Olympos was invaded by the Knights of Venice, Genoese and Rhodes and was conquered by Fatih the Conqueror in 15th Century and added to the lands of Ottoman Empire. After Middle Age, there had been no Turkish settlers until the recent times and used as winter place by the nomads.

All areas of Olympos is accepted as archeological and natural protected area in Turkey, Akçay River is pouring inside the city. of Olympos.

The high hill which can be seen from the Beach and located on the graveyards is the acropolis of the Olympos. The remnants on the hill belong to the walls of a castle built in the middle age. If you look above this hill, you can see the beautiful view of the river as if you were in Venice. In the ancient times, the ships used to pass from the channel on the river. The walls surround the river were made with polygonal method and both coasts were connected with a bridge remnants of which are still encountered today. The window structures seen on the coast are the remnants of a Turkish Bath. You can pass to this coast of Olympus by stepping on large stones. Here you can see the Olympos theater covered with bushes. The vault paradoxes of the theater as well as the ornaments and embellished doors demonstrates a typical Roman example. Between the theatre and the sea you can see Byzantium Basilica and the remnants of the bath.

Settling and structuring near Olympos are forbidden as it is under protection. Accommodation can only be made in tree houses. This is the most important visiting point of travelers. Besides; Beydağları Olympos National Park is an ideal region for mountaineers.

You can arrive at the Olympos Beach after 1.5 km walk from the Ruin Site.